@Carlainsask apologizes

( since Scott Moe won’t )

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Family Doc here. I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I can’t get you the tests you need. I’m sorry that I can’t get you to see a specialist in a reasonable amount of time. I’m sorry no support services exist to help you. I’m sorry your surgery was cancelled.

I’m sorry you called 911 and were told no ambulances were available. I’m sorry your loved one waited 12 hours to be seen in ER and then waited there for another 5 days to get a bed in the hospital. I’m sorry you were discharged earlier than you should have been to make space.

I’m sorry that you feel abandoned. I’m sorry you’re afraid you might need an ER and they won’t have space for you. I’m sorry that nothing I have done has made any difference.

Ill keep trying though. I’ll keep being there when you need me as best I can. I’ll keep doing everything I possibly can with what little is left of our system.” – @Carlainsask@birdsite

This is the sort of thing our family Doctors have to say this week, with ICU/ERs across the province being near or past the breaking point, a record-breaking week of covid cases…while Scott Moe’s response is to attack healthcare workers and move on a big new push to hollow out the healthcare system with internal privatization. Instead of doing what the doctors are begging for, and using the newly reinstated Public Health Order to take immediate action.

This is Scott Moe’s Saskatchewan in a nutshell.

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