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Growth that Works for Everyone

We here at been afk a couple of months and clearly missed a lot. Seems like Scott Moe’s / Dr. Shahab’s guiding hand over our public health is going about as well as expected For anyone who’s curious the SHA publishes data every 15 minutes so you can keep track of how overfull our [Continue]

Moe’s Whitepaper

This week, Moe gave a press conference with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), where he released a report on the cost of the federal government of Canada to Saskatchewan, and the history of the Saskatchewan-Canada relationship. One problem: They completely neglected to so much as mention First Nations as part of this relationship. [Continue]

“Pro-life Saskatchewan party leader Scott Moe”

From @prairietara@birdsite : For any Canadians who are feeling smug about our right to safe abortion, don’t forget that Scott Moe, Premier of Saskatchewan, is also anti-choice. How many other of our Canadian conservative politicians hold the same misogynist, anti-choice beliefs? #skpoli #cdnpoli It can happen here.