Month: February 2017

SaskaBroke: The Demonization of Public Service and Where All That Money Really Came From – OURSASK.CA Okay, two things – we all know resource revenues are low. Oil prices plunged two years ago, in January 2015, and have stayed low ever since. The potash market is stagnant. But this notion, peddled by the Saskatchewan government, that our province’s empty bank account is a result of those reduced resource revenues? Absolute garbage.

Murray Mandryk: Brad Wall’s trial balloon about deficits and tax hikes | Regina Leader-Post “The current budget includes $236 million in Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) rebates paid out to businesses. Also, the government last June announced it had borrowed $1 billion from the capital markets for Wall’s election-inspired building agenda. By not borrowing or doling out rebates to businesses, we could have virtually wiped out this year’s deficit.”