SHA to no longer test “asymptomatic” covid spreaders

This is two things

  1. Scott Moe further privatizing healthcare in this province, by making what should be considered an essential part of controlling a public health disaster part of the private system, not the public system, in effect limiting testing for disease to those with economic means despite the fact that we know full well that those at the lower end of the economic ladder are most exposed and least able to protect themselves / say no to dangerous employment (both in the sense of the danger to the public and to themselves) and the like.
  2. An admission(without their actually admitting it) by the SHA/Scott Moe Sask Party government that they cannot handle the situation, that the situation is totally out of their control, and that despite this being preventable and forseable – they didn’t act to prevent it before it was too late.

Also note: “asymptomatic” doesn’t mean “covid doesn’t affect you” it just means you can’t tell its effects while they are happening. Ground glass -like substance may be stuck in your lungs reducing your breathing capacity, without you knowing it unless you have an XRay, which may cause brain damage which is hard to see unless you know what you’re looking for.

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