Growth that Works for Everyone

We here at been afk a couple of months and clearly missed a lot.

Seems like Scott Moe’s / Dr. Shahab’s guiding hand over our public health is going about as well as expected

For anyone who’s curious the SHA publishes data every 15 minutes so you can keep track of how overfull our hospitals in saskatoon and regina are. ( At the time of this writing, RUH is over by about 40 patients with 50 overcapacity beds in use and an additional 80 patients are at the wrong level of care )

Meanwhile in Regina, “no ambulances available”

“no ambulances available”

It’s important to note

All of this was avoidable. The thousands of deaths that Saskatchewan has seen were all unnecessary.

Scott Moe and Dr. Shahab actively chose this outcome. Thanks to Scott Moe’s let er rip public health posture, Saskatchewan will continue to put this kind of pressure on the healthcare system, and we will continue to see unnecessary death and misery as an outcome.

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