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“Pro-life Saskatchewan party leader Scott Moe”

From @prairietara@birdsite : For any Canadians who are feeling smug about our right to safe abortion, don’t forget that Scott Moe, Premier of Saskatchewan, is also anti-choice. How many other of our Canadian conservative politicians hold the same misogynist, anti-choice beliefs? #skpoli #cdnpoli It can happen here.

Merriman: Let ‘er RIP

from yxemd , apparently : Needless to say, this week is the worst week of covid cases so far, and Saskatchewan has been setting all kinds of covid records. And yet, this is the week the Moe government decided to loosen what little protections we have on community spread of covid. This is hitting a [Continue]

Scott Moe on R_0

Keeping R_0 under one, according to Scott Moe [Dec 2020] is “a major consideration in determining public health measures” That is…until R_0 goes above one and stays there for an extended period of time…then the epidemiological models stop being released suddenly, and he stopped talking about it.